Up to 10X More PowerFor Your Panel!
1,000% more delivered power!



  • Recently patented power extraction set of technologies
  • Dramatically increases power delivered up to 10X
  • Constant power curve for a variety of loads and voltages
  • Output voltage adjusts to the load for maximum power
  • Automatic turn-off at high voltage Indicator light (LED)
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Small size and light weight
  • Suitable for all load types including resistive (lights, heaters), inductive (all motor categories), and capacitive (batteries) loads
  • Very high circuit efficiency
  • Verified effective by independent, third-party testing


The dimensions for the enclosing box of the PXtractor® as designed for a 100 watts panel are 5.5in x 4.26in x 1.75in (139.7mm x 108.2mm x 44.5mm). For higher powers, the box dimensions will increase in a sub-linear fashion.

Dramatically Increase the Power Delivered by Your Solar Panels

U-Panel® is a Classical Panel with the PXtractor®

How It Works

PXtractor® is a new circuit topology which utilizes new, custom-built electromagnetic components. This circuit topology operates in two steps. First, it extracts all the electrical power that is available in a solar panel. Second, it independently delivers all of this power into a variety of load types. An added feature of the circuit topology is that the power extracted can be more than the standard maximum power for any given classical panel under all environmental conditions.



  • All solar power systems including Residential, Commercial and Utility-Scale power systems
  • Solar power systems for RVs, boats, and carports
  • Cell phone tower back-up power systems
  • Any other solar system that uses batteries for storage


  • Up to 1,000% more power
  • Eliminates the need for custom panels
  • Eliminates the need for MPPTs
  • Eliminates the need for DC-DC converters
  • Dramatically reduces the Cost Per Watt
  • System installation cost is greatly reduced
  • Greatly reduces panel mounting cost
  • 3X faster battery charging
  • Total system size, weight, and cost are greatly reduced